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love again;

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.

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WELCOME to another music blog on LJ. LOVE AGAIN aims to provide music for music lovers, focusing on the kpop and jpop music scene.

However, the webmistresses tends to favour certain artists, especially SG Wannabe, SS501, Park Hyo Shin, Supernova, Eru and the old kpop artists such as H.O.T, 1TYM etc.
The webmistress started uploading so that she wouldn’t feel like a lecher on SVL. When her uploads became unorganised, she created LOVE AGAIN, hosted on 110mb.com, on the 7th of September 2007. It was created so that the webmistress wouldn’t have to update every thread on every sharing community she joined. However, the site moved to LJ so that the webmistress’ life could be easier when updating and managing her uploads.
LOVE AGAIN is a site that provides a range of music and other media to download. The site provides individual links to albums and singles excluding the instrumentals (unless requested). This is to cater for the needs of those who prefer to download songs individually or are just looking for a particular song. Everything available is for sampling purposes only, so please support the artist by purchasing their products at online stores such as Yesasia, DVDHeaven and Amazon.
Is known online as sana (Personal lj is at sananess.). She loves her music, manga, anime, drama, fanfiction etc. Since "sana" wasn't available when she signed up for a LJ account, she ended up using n_ics because it's a secret code among her friends at school, well, kind of. Her updates are quite random since she tosses a coin to decided when to update. However, 2009 and 2010 will not have as many updates since she is completing her secondary education :D